The educational work of the department is aimed at the training of highly skilled specialists in the field of agrochemistry and soil science and is carried out according to the modern two-level system:  educational qualification level “bachelor” in specialty 201-agronomy; Specialization “Soil Science”, “Soil Protection”  educational qualification level “Master”, specialty 201-agronomy; Specialization: “Monitoring of Soils and Restoring Their Fertility”, “AgrohimService”

MANAGEMENT OF THE RECEIVING COMMISSION Chairman of the Admissions Committee: Rector, Professor Cedenta Ihor Yevgenyovych Phone: (03422) 31574 Vice-chairman: Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work, professor Kobetska Nadezhda Romanovna Tel .: (0342) 596017 Vice-Chairman: Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work, Professor Mykhailyshyn Galina Yosypivna Tel .: (0342) 596044 Responsible secretary: Assistant professor Zapukhlyak Ruslan Igorovich Tel .: (0342) 596060 E-mail: vstup@pu.if.ua