DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND AGRICULTURE IS IMPLEMENTED A COMPLEX OF WORK ON THE ANALYTICAL AND ADVISORY SUPPLY OF DEVELOPMENT OF LAND PROJECTS:  conducting soil-agrochemical surveys for the development of land management projects; agrochemical certification of land plots (fields); development of pre-design schemes-models for land management territory under landing of perennial plantations, forage lands; development of scientifically grounded crop rotation for highly specialized farms; development of projects for the restoration of fertility of destroyed lands.

RECOMMENDED TO INTRODUCE INTO FORMS OF ALL FORMS OF PROPERTY THE FOLLOWING TECHNOLOGIES AND SERVICES: Integrated erosion-ecological estimation of eroded lands and technology of reproduction of their fertility. Ecologically safe technologies for creation and use of new forms of fertilizers, made from local raw materials. The system of measures to reduce the negative impact of technogenically hazardous objects (ash dumps of the Burshtynskaya TPP, Dombrovsky Carrier) on the natural environment.Resource-saving technologies for the formation and reproduction of high-yield forage lands (hayfields, pastures) for the mountain regions of Ivano-Frankivsk region. Technologies for the cultivation of medicinal herbs on the unproductive lands of farms of the region. Resource-saving technologies of low-yielding sloping eroded lands. Highly productive short-rotation grain-rape crop rotation.