Voloshchuk Myroslav Dmytrovych (doctor of sciences, professor)

Voloshchuk Myroslav Dmytrovych is a famous modern soil-erosion scientist, ecologist and geographer. In 1958 graduated Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsy State University.

In 1960 become  postgraduate student of M. Dimo Institute of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science  (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova). More than 35 years devoted to research activities in the Department of Geography and Soil Erosion. Went from graduate student to doctorate Agriculture Sciences and received the honorary title of laureate of State prize in science and technology of the Republic of Moldova.

The scientific activity of M. D. Voloshchuk characterizing research in the field of soil science, soil erosion, and the development of energy-saving technologies of cultivation of agriculture plants.

The results of the research of Professor Voloshchuk is reproduction of the fertility of  destroyed lands and the restoration of eroded soils are unique for the CIS countries, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Bulgaria, India and others.

In 1992, Miroslav Dmytrivych worked at the Institute of Agriculture and Livestock farming of Western Ukraine (Lviv), where he was Director of the Department of Agriculture and Soil Conservation and Director on Scientific Work of the Institute. In addition to the scientific activities he engaged lecturer activity: from 1998 to 2002 lectured at the Lviv Agriculture Institute and the Lviv Polytechnic National University. Than worked as an Associate Professor in the Department of Geodesy and Cadastre Lviv Polytechnic National University

In 2002 create and heads the Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science Faculty of Nature Science, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University . Under his leadership, the employees of the Department conduct extensive research on the scientific and technical programs and grants. The Professor was also a Vice-rector on scientific work of the Institute of Natural Resource Management (Colomyia).

Under the leadership he operates postgraduate studying specialty 06.01.01 “General Farming”, the laboratory of Physics and Chemistry of the Soil, organized research and teaching activities with the Kharkiv and Lviv National Agrarian University, Institutes of Agriculture, Land Reclamation and Agronomical Ecology, Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry of National Agrarian Academy of Science, higher educational institutions of Ukraine and the World.

Scientific heritage consists of more than 350 scientific works, including 5 copyright and 6 monographs (in English, German and Moldovan), 3 copyright certificates and patents, 3 literacy script’s of popular movie’s (“The Tragedy of Earth”).

Sphere of scientific interests: agricultural science, education and problems of progress in Ukraine;  extreme crisis situations and environmental measures to prevent land degradation, methods of restoration and protection of soil fertility.

The list of courses that read: «Soil Science with the Basics of Geology», «Fundamental Research in Soil Science and Geography», «Geography of Soils with the Basics of Soil Science», «Introduction to Specialty, Methodology of Science Research», «Inventory of Natural Resources», «Environmental Monitoring», «Diagnosis of Soil, Evolution of the Soil».