About the international activity of the department

The international educational and scientific connections in the concept of the department’s work is given an important place. Modern international relations, characterized by integration processes in all spheres of public life, constitute the task of forming specialists capable of working in the world economic space. In the course of the whole period of the functioning of the department, searches for cooperation with international partners are carried out: educational and scientific institutions, institutions of foreign countries.

Much work is done in this direction by Professor M.D. Voloshchuk, associate professors of the department MM Klimchuk, UM Karbivska, Dmitrik P.M., Turak O.Yu. An agreement was signed on cooperation with the Folklore Academy of Wroclaw (Poland), according to which the following directions were defined: conducting of joint scientific researches, scientific-practical conferences; exchange of teachers and students; sharing of publications and training programs. Scientific cooperation covers the joint realization of the research plan “” mine of the natural environment in conditions of anthropogenization “, the subject of research of which there are problems: change of indicators of water regime in the reclaimed territories; local influence of industrial enterprises on the state of soils; assessment of the state of the environment on the territory of national parks. internship at the Wroclaw Rural Academy of Teachers and Postgraduate Students of the Department; the acceptance by the Polish party of doctoral studies (postgraduate study), mutual assistance in the preparation of PhD theses from the Polish and Ukrainian sides.

The teachers of the department are looking for cooperation with scientists of the Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry them. Dimo and the Real University in the city of Kishinev (Republic of Moldova), the Institute of Agriculture and Soil Protection in Kursk, Novgorod State Agricultural Academy (Russia), the Institute of Soil Science and Land Reclamation in Prague (Czech Republic). The staff of the department are establishing contacts with Oxford University and others. Professor M.D. Voloshchuk and professors of the department systematically participate and speak at the International Symposiums of Soil Scientists and international conferences.